Swachh Bharat

Swachta Abhiyan: Mission to clean

Narendra Modi the dynamic prime minister and the man of views launched this mission to achieve the dream of clean and green India. Our college NSIT believes in the notion of working from scratch. On 6th April 2015, the residents of RAMANUJAN HOSTEL and the staff members took the initiative by organising a cleanliness drive under the supervision of warden SP Singh and faculty members.The motive was to engage people in cleaning the campus, to aware them about the “swach bharat abhiyan”. The first of its kind in NSIT ,cleaning drive witnessed active participation of the hostelers. The event covered the NSIT service lane from south gate to North gate. The positive response of the students have encouraged the organisers to organise the clean drive again, increasing the area covered and the number of participation i.e. on 15th April 2015, on the perimeters of NSIT. The second time it was able to aquire more hands to the motion and we had great respons from the crowd as well. Giving society the message of taking the scenario of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan to further level in future.  Exclaming residents of Ramanujan Hostel
“Clean India, Green India, Dream India”